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  • Cultivated at the foothills of Kerdylia mountains with organic practices and limited use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Leaving the wines unfiltered so that they maintain as much of their complexity as possible.
  • With minimum of intervention during the viticultural and vinification process we are producing a very rare, modern and unique wine with respect to tradition and natural environment.








The Reds

  • Erodios
  • Itauros
  • Erodios Premium

SINCE 2011

Only Organic Wines

Our grapes


Itauros, a dark-berried vine, is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Virtually synonymous with the red wines of Tuscany, and all the romanticism that goes with the territory, Sangiovese is the core constituent in some of the great names in Italian wine.

Good-quality Sangiovese is prized for its high acid, firm tannins and balanced nature. Savory flavors of dark cherries and black stonefruit are characteristic, and may be backed by secondary notes of tomato leaf and dried herbs. The use of oak has become more popular and this coaxes richer flavors from the grapes, tending toward plum and wild raspberry.


Erodios is probably the most famous red wine grape variety on Earth. From its origins in Bordeaux, Cabernet has successfully spread to almost every winegrowing country in the world. It is now the key grape variety in many first-rate New World wine regions. Wherever they come from, Erodios wines always seem to demonstrate a handful of common character traits: deep color, good tannin structure, moderate acidity and aromas of blackcurrant, tomato leaf, dark spices and cedarwood.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the product of a natural genetic crossing between key Bordeaux grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. Most wine authorities agree that this crossing happened only within the past few centuries, making the variety’s global fame and dominance all the more impressive.

Our barrels

We use oak barrels to produce our wines.

When stored in an oak barrel, wine reacts through a number of chemical processes with the barrel. The result is a more durable and stable wine with a more full-bodied, complex and concentrated palate. Color, for example, becomes intensified. The barrel imparts hundreds of different substances/chemicals to the wine. Some of the most important are tannin, sugar and vanilla aromas.

The barrel also has another, more indirect effect. It allows for a slow and controlled oxygenation (not oxidation) of the wine, which helps to give a rounded and mature wine. The oxygenation occurs both through the surface of the wood and through the bunghole. When wine is aged in a barrel there is constant gradual evaporation, while at the same time the wood absorbs the wine. Therefore, the barrel needs to be regularly replenished with the same wine. This process also adds to the oxygenation of the wine.Through evaporation of water and alcohol, the wine is further concentrated, and the fresh and raw fruit flavor becomes softer.

Our corks

We use natural wine corks intended for wine storage of up to 12 years. Our corks are punched from cork oak bark harvested once every 9 years, then dried for up to 2 more years.

Our aging method

Our wines are aged in oak barrels for 6 to 12 months.

Oak barrels allow oxygen to enter and water and alcohol to escape. Extracts from the wood contribute to flavour.



Famous for its full, dry character and elegant flavours of cherries and blackberries. Sturdy and robust, with tangy undertones and a slight spiciness. Ageing uncovers its complex depth of flavour.



Approachable and refreshing, in an engaging mélange of red fruit, smoky notes and a savoury undertone, with a delightful interplay of pencil-lead and fruit.


Erodios Premium

Complex aromas of plums, cherries and blueberries mix with savoury leather, spice, oak, licorice and chocolate. The palate is smooth and flavourful leading to a gentle tannin grip and a refreshing finish.

This wine calls out for beef and lamb dishes and is a perfect match for grilled recipes with just a hint of smoke.

Only 500 bottles produced.

Our Cellar

We control our cellar enviroment so that our wines are kept in ideal conditions of temperature, humidity and light.

– Humidity of about 70-75%.

– 12°C temperature.

– Absence of moving air currents.

– Low light.