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produce world class organic red wines with minimal intervention.


Standing at the church of the Prophet Hilija, you can’t take your eyes of what rises … the view of a significant village … the village of Limni… located in 60 km distance away from Thessaloniki and 12 km from Asprovalta! Limnis’ fertile fields and greenery are extended further, reaching its vegetation-rich wetland… And the canals stand like indisputable witnesses, testifying that the lake has dried up for so many years. Somewhere around, the spirit of the Lake is still wandering to remind the few inhabitants the days when they moved from Pontos to this beautiful area of ​​Lagada province… From the last cultivated vineyards, always protected by the spirit, comes the nectar of the aching land… Balm for the soul… source of happiness, too… From the vineyard to our table… the spirit of the Lake is here, sending us an invitation to a flavour journey…


The two brothers, Georgios & Spyridonas Sarigiannidis, decided to try working within the viticulture and start expanding their existing vineyard at the slopes of the Kerdylia mountains.

After a long study, they chose to enter into cultivating international wine grape varieties and, thus, grafted the 25 hectares of dried lake land of red Erodios & Itauros.

The positive appreciation of the experts regarding the quality of the produced wines, as well as the enthusiastic response of the first consumers (of course, mainly friends!), gave them the courage to continue expanding aiming at quality and solid taste.

They gave the name “Lake Spirit” to their wines, as the vineyard is part of a dried lake. The logo of Lake Spirit is a Heron, a bird that still chooses to nest at the unique habitat of this lake.


They built the Lake Spirit winery and started producing the wine in house. Always organic and always with the minimum interference possible.


They begun producing their first premium label, Lake Spirit Erodios Premium: a strong wine with complex aromas of plums, cherries and blueberries mix with savoury leather, spice, oak, licorice and chocolate.


The cultivation of our organic vineyards with respect to the environment, the managing and processing of grapes utilizing the accumulated knowledge, the fiercefull guarding of the unique characteristics of the place of origin,
the final packaging and handling of the finished product so that all the flavors and fragrances are at your disposal, the development of a wine that carries memories and connects people.


Organic practices & minimal intervention.


Long extraction is applied at a temperature of 28 to 30°C. Beyond that, we do as little as possible. Minimal intervention is a relatively radical winemaking approach that produces wine with unique characteristics. In much of the winemaking world today, there are nearly 200 commonly used — and entirely legal — additives: sugar, to increase alcohol content; inoculated (or commercially cultured) yeast, to kick-start fermentation; sulfites as a preservative; gelatin for texture; colorants; antimicrobial agents; and other ingredients. We are making much effort not to use any of that.


We are trying to minimize the use of Sulfites, too. Sulfur dioxide compounds occur naturally in the winemaking process. But adding even more of the stuff as a preservative — a process known as sulfuring — is a topic of big debate in the natural wine community.

After the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the new wine is transferred to oak barrels. Our wines mature for 6 to 18 months in 300 liter barrels, and after the bottling process, they remain for at least 6 months in the bottle.


All our grapes are grown without pesticides or other chemicals at a unique micro environment of a dried lake.